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Learn exactly how to make serious money from property investments through our proven, secure, and highly profitable Buy 2 Buy techniques. Over a 4 day intensive course, you’ll learn the most highly guarded secrets of the industry!

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Start of your property investment journey

We offer you the knowledge and step by step guidance to understand the Buy to Buy market. We give you fundamental tools to accomplish your goals and become a true contender in the property investment arena.

What’s more, by the end of your 4 day Buy 2 Buy course, we’ll introduce you to some leading names in the industry and provide you with closely guarded knowledge of up and coming property deals at under-market, discounted values. 

What's included?


The first day is an introduction to the fundamentals of property and investments. Why get into property investment and what are the different types of investments available?

A short welcome to Investments For Life and what we stand for. We’ll be talking you through our speakers’ and their individual backgrounds to show you why you should listen to what they have to say. 

We’ll be inviting a discussion about what property investment means to you. Our aim for this session is to help you discover your WHY – the reason you strive for success, the reason you wake up, the reason you live!

Following on from your WHY, we’re here to shape your vision into a strong mindset. Making sure you have a productive day every single day is our aim, and we’ll show you ways in which you can achieve this to become a better investor and business person. 

Next, we’ll walk you through taking your WHY, and your newfound mindset of a successful entrepreneur, into a vision. Together, we’ll help each other build a path to success so that at the end of the course you have a strong vision of where you want to end up and, most important, how to get there.

We’ve learnt a bit more about who you are and why you’re here. Now it’s time to start learning! We dive straight in with one of the fundamentals about property investment that a lot of people overlook: banking. In this session, we’ll be walking through standing orders, direct debits, AMLs (Anti Money Laundering Documents), and Credit. These are all important aspects when looking for investment, planning your incomings and outgoings, and generally understanding the financial blueprints of investment.

Now we’ve learnt more about the fundamentals of banking, let’s look a little more about how financing a project can be made. We talk about mortgages: 

  • The different types of mortgages
  • Defaults, repossessions, and CCJs

Now you know more about the workings of mortgages, we’ll dive into the types of property you should consider for investment. We’ll look at:

  • Disadvantages of Leasehold
  • Benefits and Pitfalls of Detached, Terraced, Semi-detached, an End of terraced properties
  • Type of construction (stone, concrete, pre-fab etc)

The next step along the property investment journey is working with estate agents. We’ll be teaching you the best ways to approach and liaise with estate agents to get the very best deals on properties.

Now you know how to work alongside estate agents, the next crucial question is – how do you find the best deals? We’ll be talking about the term “Below Market Value”, looking at what it means and why it is important as well as discussing probate, distressed sellers, and cash buyers.

With the introductory information, there’s a lot of new terms and techniques that we want to make sure you grasp. We’ll be inviting you to ask the panel of experts questions about what we’ve talked about and guide you through any material that you may have found difficult. 


The second day of this 4 day intensive course will start delving into the specifics of finance; what are your options of getting your investment portfolio off the ground, and how can you go about implementing them.

Day 1 has a lot of information that is crucial to building the foundations of your property investment portfolio. We’ll spend a short time recapping what was discussed before proceeding to new information.

To kick off the new material on day 2, we’ll be looking into the various ways in which financing your property portfolio can be achieved. This session will closely analyse the benefits of certain methods such as:

  • Bridge loans
  • Buy To Let Mortgages
  • Refinancing

Moving on from attaining finance from your own revenue poole, we’ll move into a discussion of Joint Ventures. What is a Joint Venture and when could it be a useful tool to boost your profits?

Now we know ways in which we can raise initial capital to boost revenue from property investment, it’s time to look at ways in which that initial capital can blossom into a fruitful and ever growing portfolio. We’ll be touching on refinancing techniques, the importance of networking, and how to elevate deals.

Today’s discussions will be very in depth so we want to make sure you understand as much of it as possible. We’ll be inviting you to ask the panel of experts questions about what we’ve spoke about and guide you through any material that you may have found difficult. 


The third day begins to discuss some of the most important keys to success for your property investment journey. We’ll be talking about gaining investment through your company’s image – branding, marketing, and power teams.

By day 3 we will have covered a lot of ground and you are well on your way to becoming a property investment pro. We’ll run a quick session to look back over what we’ve spoke about so far before moving on to business specifics.

Kicking day 3 off is a big hitting session that could be the difference between failure and unfathomable success. This session will be looking at how the brand you apply to your investment portfolio can transform your business. 

A few of the topics we’ll be exploring include:

  • Importance of your company name
  • Business Models & Mindsets
  • Property Strategy & Business
  • Dealing with Setbacks
  • Building Dreams

We’ve spoke about why your brand is so important, and just important is your vision and company ethos. This session will talk about what you stand for as a person, and what your company stands for. Do your investment strategies align with your vision? We’ll help you answer questions just like this one!

We’ve given you tips on how to name your company efficiently and begin working on your branding and company ethos. Next, it’s time to actually set your company up officially. But how? We’ll show you how you can set up your company correctly and make sure you don’t get caught out by missing documents and solicitor costs!

It’s a buzzphrase that should be on every new company’s tongue. This session will take an in depth look towards what is most important for your brand awareness – creating a strong web presence through website design, click funnels, and social media marketing. 

Having a power team at your finger tips is crucial for victory! We have a team of specialists that can help you with every aspect of your business from branding to marketing. This session will go into the details of what exactly having a power team means to you and touch on some hidden truths of marketing.

Having just discussed power teams and how you can seek help to develop your presence, it is also important to understand what you can do yourself. It’s time to learn your market, how to approach marketing, and techniques you can use to boost your brand’s image without the help from specialists.

A lot of day 3’s discussions are based around business development and not necessarily property specific. We’ll be inviting you to ask the panel of experts questions about what we’ve spoke about and guide you through any material that you may have found difficult. 


It’s time to get your journey off the ground! We’ve given you the knowledge to begin growing your property investment portfolio, now it’s time to expand your influences.

We know that you’ll have lots of information to juggle from the last 3 days so we’ll start day 4 off like every other with a quick recap of what we’ve learned so far.

We have set up a number of sessions and talks from some of the leading authorities in the industry. They’re here to help you get started and understand what is needed to succeed in property investment.

Now let’s dive straight in and look at some under market value properties and have an in depth session for discovering properties the right way.

Having learned a lot about property strategies and business progression, it’s time for you to spread your wings. this session will go through how to maintain motivation, proceeding with investments, and a tick list of what you need to do to really get going.

We’ll be inviting you to ask the panel of experts questions about what we’ve spoke about and guide you through any material that you may have found difficult. 

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